5 Achieve Economic Wellbeing

This outcome includes:

  • Engage in further education, employment or training on leaving school
  • Ready for employment
  • Live in decent homes and sustainable communities
  • Access to transport and material goods
  • Live in households free from low income

» For more information, refer to the Outcomes Framework document available to download here:

Museums have collections and displays that can stimulate discussion about economic wellbeing - for example:

  • the world of work and how it has changed
  • labour saving devices
  • housing over time
  • daily life and work
  • developments in technology
  • availability of and access to information

The key to economic well being is a positive attitude to and success in learning and emotional intelligence.

As well as making good progress, learners need to develop qualities to help them in a world of work that is likely to look very different from today:

  • self confidence
  • independence
  • flexibility
  • creative thinking
  • risk-taking

Further thoughts

What do you think will be the main changes in the world of work and in society? What skills do we need to develop? Can pupils use your resources in ways that promote the collaborative learning, risk-taking and creativity that will give them the skills they will need in later life?